How Do You Take Your Hummus?


A while back, BS posted on the deliciousness that is Sabra Hummus. Before discovering Sabra, I had sworn off store-bought hummus, but now I’ve been reconnected with my long lost chickpea love.

Growing up in an Armenian family, the only thing I ate hummus with was pita or a spoon (sorry for partying). However, my favorite restaurant at college serves their hummus plate with pita and a large assortment of vegetables (including onions and tomatoes??? What the fuck). My boyfriend frequently enjoys hummus with carrot chips (seen above) or green peppers.

I don’t understand this. I love the taste of hummus blended with warm, carb-packed pita. I can’t stand the taste of hummus+vegetables=too much moisture. Not enough hummus. Hummus slides off carrots. Watery mess.

Comments on my kid’s food post revealed that hummus is becoming mainstream, even for babies.  How are the kids these days consuming this delicious wonder? Is it being disguised by watery vegetables or eaten on a spoon?

Enlighten me.

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  • gansie June 22, 2009  

    carrot chips? you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Yvo June 22, 2009  

    I like it with baby carrots that are DRY (not dried out, just not wet). I love it with strips of bell pepper, grape tomatoes, I’ll even use celery in a pinch. The thing is, whatever it is, is usually a vehicle of hummus delivery so it isn’t overwhelmed or watered down by it. Plus I feel better that I’m eating something “healthy” with it – I never considered using just a spoon, lol – it really makes me feel like I’m being all healthy and shit.

  • Summer June 22, 2009  

    For what it’s worth, I made (homemade) hummus the star of a picnic dinner on Saturday evening. I brought the following items, all of which were used to scoop up hummus:
    Carrot sticks
    Red bell pepper slices
    Blue corn tortilla chips
    Strips of grilled chicken breast (marinated before grilling in a blend of lemon juice, olive oil, fresh garlic, cumin, red pepper flakes, paprika, salt & pepper)

    Traditional? Maybe not. Yummy, satisfying, and totally appropriate for eating on a blanket spread on the sand? Oh yeah.

  • ML June 22, 2009  

    Yes yes gansie, carrot chips. I wish I could explain, but I can’t.

  • MonkeyBoy June 22, 2009  

    I grew up with veggies but MonkeyBaby just likes to go au naturel, finger only.
    Plantain chips are nice, a good earthy flavor.

  • BS June 22, 2009  

    oh man, ANYTHING. If the hummus is good enough I’ll dip any and every. But I agree that a crispy carb trumps a soggy veggie…toasted flatbread, pita, wheat thins, sesame sticks, oh I could go on for awhile. When truly desperate, I have even been known to dip pieces of Puffin puffed cereal into the ends of the sabra container. Oh, wow – I’m not proud of that, but at least I didn’t eat it with a spoon.

  • Catfish June 23, 2009  

    Yeah, carrots really didn’t do it for me either. I like red and yellow bell pepper strips, which have a flavor that compliments the hummus perfectly, and olives were acceptable, but pita is still the best. The last hummus I made, I lightly fried my pitas in olive oil, covered them with hummus like it was pizza sauce and topped with sliced green olives and feta cheese…hmmm…your blog is going to cause me to go make more I think

  • Maids June 23, 2009  

    I mix hummus with harissa or shug at put a few whole chickpeas on top and eat it in a pita pocket. I also like hummus on celery or baby carrots. I make a morrocan “quiche” now and then that involves mixing cooked couscous and hummus with a chickpea sizzle. I like using hummus as a wet spice.

    As for how babies are eating the hummus: Romeo’s niece (who is 2) is really funny about it. Her mother serves her the hummus on blanched carrots. She takes the carrots and sucks the hummus off and double dips the cooked carrot stick back into the hummus. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t eat hummus on softened carrots either.

  • erica June 23, 2009  

    I would hardly call eating hummus with vegis “disguising” them. it’s yummy! I like a scoop of hummus with my salad; dip the fork in the hummus first and then salad; you don’t need any dressing. It’s really good instead of mayo on a sandwich, too. or anything. that, however, is kind of disguising, but you can still taste it 🙂

    that said, bagged pre-cut carrots are always yucky!

  • Cheryl Arkison June 28, 2009  

    Our little ones will eat it off their fingers, but we usually spread it on pita and cut it into finger sized pieces. They love it!

  • Laura July 2, 2009  

    My kids used to eat it with crackers, but now only eat it with a spoon. My daughter will only eat the Sabra brand (because it isn’t bumpy) but my son is not too picky (she is 4 he is 2). They have really great hummus individual “pots” at Costco. They are great for my lunch and also for my son because they are just the right amount. (and if I am left with just the Sabra container, I will consume the entire thing with a bag of baby carrots-it’s that good.)

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