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– Is anyone else very glad to have all these hangover remedy suggestions on this not-so-beautiful Friday? Obviously I’m with everyone on the bacon and eggs, but we also got a couple ideas I never heard of.


They did a study awhile back on the effectiveness of chocolate milk vs. gatorade and the choc milk won out. It’s good. I think it’s because it coats your stomach and has sugar in it. It may work or it may be a placebo, who cares, I think it works!


kombucha… and fried eggs with kimchee. for some reason the combo of fried eggs and kimchee is perfect and delicious when hung over. fizzy spicy cabbage… i dunno, it works….and miso! I keep a tub at the office for just such occasions… ’cause i’m not going to fry an egg at work.


A Bleat sandwich Aussie style- Avocados are in every single sandwich here you ES-ers will love to hear! So Bacon Lettuce (rocket – i know you guys call it something else I can’t remember the name) Egg Avocado Sandwich on toasted Sourdough with cilantro mayo served up with homemade lemonade! I actually don’t even need to be hungover to have this :)

And of course ES-ers chimed in on the very important issue of how to feed hummus to babies (anyone else think we’d never cover that one?)


Romeo’s niece (who is 2) is really funny about it. Her mother serves her the hummus on blanched carrots. She takes the carrots and sucks the hummus off and double dips the cooked carrot stick back into the hummus. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t eat hummus on softened carrots either.


I grew up with veggies but MonkeyBaby just likes to go au naturel, finger only.
Plantain chips are nice, a good earthy flavor.

Finally, Khan (as in Wrath of) jumps on the bash New York foodies bandwagon:

OK, you are dead on. I do like cupcakes but for real its right up there with the girls and their “small dogs”.

All your other points dead on but you forgot 2 major ones 1. The whole “Old Timey/Country Farm” restaurant craze. enough already. The farm was never that romantic. I have never been to a farm where the farmer sits inside wrapping organically raised loin of pork with his hydroponicly grown, pesticide free Arctic Char. It’s this whole “Limousine Liberal” idea of the farm and rustic, that does not even exist in the “country” these people imagine. Have they been to Iowa? Not some ex-NYC firefighter living off his pension at age 42 “playing at farming” “upstate type farm.

2. The NYC food chainlets: The city prides itself on being “anti-chain” and yet, there has been a huge proliferation of “NYC-celebrity chef/mini-chains”. (BLT’s, Balthazars, Momofucko) Its a constant parade of chefs trotting out the same formulas with slightly different interiro designs. This is killing NYC creativity and vitality. So we are forced to then go to Brooklyn and endure the “Old Timey restaurant” plague…..

(Photo: Perfecto Insecto)

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  • Amelia of Gradually Greener June 26, 2009  

    Hahaha, that photo made me laugh out loud. Somedays I wake up like that too.

  • Erin June 28, 2009  

    Is that a hospital bracelet? That’s some hangover…

  • erica June 30, 2009  

    I don’t even eat bacon, but damn, a bacon egg avocado arugula sandwich sounds awesome.

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