What, No Breadsticks?


Edible serving vessels tend to work better in theory than in practice.  That hollowed-out loaf of bread that holds your spinach dip is always a bit of a disappointment.  Taco Bell has those edible salad bowls which aren’t bad until you get down below the “refried bean equator,” at which point things tend to get a bit soggy.

Have you ever been working your way through a nice serving of baked pasta, al forno for our Italian friends, and thought to yourself, “This would be so much better if I could eat the cookware?”

Well, for the low, low price of six bucks, you can live out your fantasy thanks to the folks at Domino’s Pizza.  The new bread bowl pasta features one of five choices of baked pasta, including flavors such as primavera, alfredo and sausage marinara, surrounded by an edible bowl made of pizza dough.  If that sounds delicious to you, then you’re likely addicted to white flour like I am.

Fortunately, I’m running a marathon this weekend, so one of these puppies will make for the perfect carbo-loading feast.  And if you have a sneaking suspicion that it may not be the healthiest menu choice, wait until you hear the actual numbers…

Personally, I like to live in denial of how bad some of my favorite dishes are, but the well-meaning killjoys over at That’s Fit tracked down the facts and figures for the pasta bowls.  With the caveat that each bowl is actually two servings (and let’s not kid ourselves that you haven’t powered through multiple “servings” in one meal) — the envelope please:

[I]f you eat the entire thing, you’ve consumed between 1340 and 1480 calories and around 30 grams of fat in one sitting.

Let me put those numbers in perspective:  In order to consume that many calories, you would have to eat iceberg lettuce non-stop for the next 374 years.  (Note: I am not a registered dietitian.)

They say that a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.  When I hear that, I usually laugh and continue eating the chicken piccata that covers two thirds of my plate.  If and when I order myself a Pasta Bread Bowl, I think I’m going to take the suggested serving size a bit more seriously.

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  • Bliz May 19, 2009  

    Why for the love of god are these pizza places still trying to do the pasta thing?! Do people actually believe the commercial where Italians are praising their “restaurant” entrees? I can’t speak to Domino’s version, but the Pizza Hut (tested on my company’s dime) was pretty revolting.

    As for edible cookware, all I’ll say is that genuine article New England clam chowder in a bread bowl is only trumped by a nice, stiff nip of whiskey on a cold, wet day where I’m from.

  • BS May 19, 2009  

    this is a fantastic idea! I’ve always thought pasta just doesn’t have enough carbs.

  • erica May 19, 2009  

    That is defintely not enough wheat.

  • LC May 19, 2009  

    Also, is it me or does “pasta so good you’ll devour the bowl” make no sense whatsoever. The bowl isn’t made out of pasta. And if the pasta is so good wouldn’t you want more…pasta?

  • Maids May 19, 2009  

    I think those pasta breadbowls look terrible. what a gooey doughy mess.

  • gansie May 19, 2009  

    im not even kidding – when i saw that commercial i immediately knew i wanted to try it.
    my apologies in advance.

  • Harmony May 20, 2009  

    It may be a disgusting, artery clogging mess of white flour and fat… but I’m dying to try one.

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  • Healthy Fast Food May 28, 2009  

    I love the idea of these pasta bowls. Whoever created this for Domino’s is a genius!! I have been eating soup from a sourdough bread bowl for years now….never thought about pasta. And that fact that the “baked pasta” is actually baked inside of the bowl, and not added later, makes it all the better.

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