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I’m with you. No one wants to be drumming on a keyboard and sweatily gripping on a mouse the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.

So before you log off and dive into a three day feast of grilled meats, here’s how ESers kept us busy and laughing and thinking about grammitcal correctness.

But real quick, the results are in. Check out the winners in our crazy-grill-it contest.

And fine, one more thing, check out the Endless Simmer love in Melissa McCart‘s WaPo article on mini-grills.

Happy grill season everyone!

Carb Love
TVFF glorified refined carbohydrates in his post about Domino’s new *Bread Bowl Pasta*.

But, LC was able to see beyond the cheesey goodness and the nonsensical tag line:

Also, is it me or does “pasta so good you’ll devour the bowl” make no sense whatsoever. The bowl isn’t made out of pasta. And if the pasta is so good wouldn’t you want more…pasta?

More quotables post jump

No Bake Dessert
Even though my no-fuck up post was published last Friday, Liza’s sis didn’t react to my proper verbiage until this week. Thanks for noting that grammar can apply to curse words:

Gansie, you may be my new favorite person eva since you did not use a split infinitive when the verb in question is “to fuck-up.” Beautiful!

DD Love
BS may be hating on iced coffee, but we know to hate the game, not the playa. Or, something like that.

I’d like to thank Harmony for the inside deetz on how a former Dunkin Donuts employee views this iced coffee scam:

Having worked at quite a few Dunkin’s, I give a nod to Patrick above. When making ice coffee they DO double brew it, so the coffee is twice as strong. Then they put it in a separate container to cool off some, and then only add the ice right before serving so as to keep the gross watering down affect to a minimum. I make mine the same way at home, its ever so much better then a regular pot of coffee put in the fridge until later.

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