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Boyd Logan was pretty close with his guess of Bone Crusher, but miked. knew right away the mystery eater in question was Questlove, drummer for the Roots and new sidekick to Jimmy Fallon. Good guessing, miked! You’ve won an ES prize pack.

PS – have you seen a famous/almost famous person chowing down? You better let us know!

In other ES news this week..

barnes594 points out that Scrabble Cheez-Its are a bit ironic: Hm. They’ve been misspelling the word cheese for 80 years. Maybe Scrabble isn’t the best game for them to hawk?

– Most of you agree with TVFF’s decision to screw food three-ways, but JoeHoya has some thoughts of his own thoughts: I’ve definitely had some clunkers, but I have to disagree with a blanket anti-trios statement. There are some ingredients (rarer, more expensive, or just plain indulgent items) that would either be too expensive or too decadent if they were served in full entree or even appetizer portions. White truffles come to mind as a great example of something I would be happy to try as a trio, so as to experience an ingredient I’m rarely even offered in a variety of ways.

-And Very Very Good Girl signs the keep Cobb salad pure petition: if it has 5 ingredient changes it’s not a classic cobb & therefore needs another name altogether. It reminded me of an incident I had with eggs benedict at a decent restaurant. I never return dishes but I had no choice because the eggs were hard-boiled. The waiter snidely stated ’so you want you eggs undercooked?’. I restrained from slapping him & haven’t eaten there since. I mean that’s cooking 101 right?!? Still makes me angry to think about!

What other dishes do you all hate to see messed with?

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