Blog Boy for Life

Everyone knows that deep down, all movie stars secretly want to be rock stars, but did you also know that all rock stars really just want to be food bloggers???

It’s true! First John Mayer started photographing his lunch; then there was Cooking with Coolio. Now, none other than Sean Combs Puff Daddy Puffy P Diddy Diddy is using the interwebs to share his daily eating habits with the world.

In the first installment above, diddy begins by vehemently insisting that THIS IS NOT A BLOG, and then goes on to spend three minutes mumbling about how he can’t decide if KFC or Popeye’s is better. Um, yep, that’s a blog, dids!

After the jump, diddy scolds the Popeye delivery man for attempting to sway his vote with a free bucket, and simultaneously just happens to mention that KFC hasn’t sent anything free yet.

All “blogosphere hating” aside, I have to admit he’s got me craving some Popeye’s.

(via: Grub Street)

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