Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Wow. I have to say I’m a little shocked that so few of you want me to make my own sous vide machine, but the ES community came down firmly on the anti-botulism side of things, with 67 percent of you voting against any sous vide tomfoolery.

– I think we can all agree we’re anti-Padma Lakshmi shilling for Hardee’s. KMango: Ew. Padma, please pack your knives and go anywhere but Hardee’s!

-No Obama sightings yet, but ESers did have some close calls. Maids: friend of mine saw Michelle Obama heading into the Dupont North Cosi. Liza: I saw Jill Biden at Nora’s Restaurant… does that count for anything?

– Lastly, I’ve been trying really hard to follow up 80p and TVFF’s beer puns but I’m drawing a blank. Come on people, we can’t abandon a good pun war after the second go!

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