Truffles Not To Be Trifled With


It’s 80p here folks, back from the dead. For those concerned souls out there, I have been on my winter break from grad school. It’s been a tough last 3 weeks, what with the constant sleeping and eating. So with only 1 final week until it’s time to dust off the notepads and spend another $500 on textbooks, I made good on a promise to Gansie.

You see, Gansie bugs me pretty much once a week to re-make these chocolate truffles that I’ve made a couple of times. And by bug, I mean hound, demand, and order. Being the lazy person that I am, I managed to delay the threequel as long as possible. But as all good procrastinating must come to an end, I promised to make them during my winter break.

Truth be told, and in typical 80p fashion, I just followed a recipe. My limit in kitchen creativity stops at suggesting to add more salt. But this is a damn good recipe that makes a damn good chocolate truffle. You can read it for yourself, but the only step I would change is to chop the chocolate up much more than “coarse”. The cream/hazelnut/butter/bourbon mixture has to melt all the chocolate and big chunks simply don’t work. I spent a half hour today basically mincing the surprisingly hard to cut chocolate.


And people, when you make these, and you really should, don’t be a wimp and skip out on the bourbon. It adds a great kick to make the taste more than just chocolate. Also, don’t be chintz and put Jim Beam or Evan Williams in there, use a little of the good stuff in the back of your liquor cabinet. I went with one of my favorites, Blanton’s.

So this is a pretty labor intensive project, but the rewards are worth it. Don’t believe me? Just wait until Gansie comments after this post.

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11 thoughts on “Truffles Not To Be Trifled With

  1. the first time 80 made me these truffles i told him i never really loved him until he presented me with this chocolate-bourbon dream—and we had already been dating for 2 years.
    i was kidding, of course.

  2. I can tell you right now I’m going to have a new assignment if my girlfriend reads this post. Thanks a lot, 80p.

  3. Jim Beam was my roommate in college. Yeah, he’s not the classiest guy in my cabinet, but he’s never let me down.

  4. These look incredible! How easy are they to handle? They look like they’d melt in your hand!

  5. Don’t you worry Michael, I have a handle of Beam in my cabinet as well. I got nothing against it. Just thought these deserved the good stuff, especially since only about a shot goes in there.

    By that point in the top picture, Nick, they had been in the fridge for about an hour and a half. So they had solidified to the point they could hold their shape. I used a melon baller (dipped in cornstarch) to mold them. Plus, if it did stick to my fingers, I just licked it off!

    Gansie ate the equivalent of about 5 while I was making them. She sat next to me with a spoon at the ready. I had to distract her with some vodka.

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