Be the Spice Master

Just wanted to send out a reminder to all of you expert food enthusiasts (trying to avoid using foodie, not sure if it played right) to send your answers in for the Spice Master contest. Winners receive a kick-ass assortment of spice blend packets.


Email with your answers by 6pm tonight.

(Bonus Q – What kind of master does Sigourney Weaver call Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters?!?!)

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  • Maidelitala September 5, 2008  

    Ahem…”We’ll post the correct spice names and the winner on Friday morning.”

  • JoeHoya September 5, 2008  

    It’s still Friday morning for at least another two hours (more if you’re sitting in an airport somewhere out west like I am).

    Besides…it’s not like they’ve ever given us any reason to think they might be late!

  • BS September 5, 2008  

    gotta love JoeHoya – checking ES even from the airport. That’s a loyal readership example the rest of you guys could follow.

  • Samuel September 8, 2008  

    Did no one answer the bonus question? She calls him the “Keymaster”. 😉

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