The Spice Master


And the winner is…

We have a TIE!

Congrats Joe Hoya and bobby!

But, the glory is not yours for the taking just quite yet.  There are no ties on ES so we shall have a cook off!

Joe Hoya, Bobby – ES challenges you to create a dish using three (3) of the spices from this Tunisian pack.  Your recipes will then be judged in our reoccurring feature, Who Cooked It Better and ES readers will be able to decide the true Spice Master.  Extra points for a Tunisian flare (not that I know what that means…)  Send your recipe and a picture to by next Friday COB.

Good luck!

Cheat Sheet:


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  • Liza September 5, 2008  

    OMG I was WAAAY off!!! hahahaha Congradulations to Joe Hoya and Bobby!! So excited for the cookoff!

  • BS September 5, 2008  

    wow. never heard of Karvi or Romarin.

  • Camille September 5, 2008  

    Romarin is French for Rosemary.

  • gansie September 5, 2008  

    and thank you to everyone that sent in guesses. i know this was a super tough challenge.

  • JoeHoya September 5, 2008  

    And ‘karvi’ is ground caraway seeds, apparently.

  • bobbyc September 5, 2008  

    oh snap, i got some cooking to do.

  • bobby September 8, 2008  

    Alright… I’ve got my meal planned and ready to cook on Wednesday. Should be good.

  • gansie September 8, 2008  

    woohoo! can’t wait to see the spice master WCIB!

  • valerie December 4, 2012  

    I have one of those spice packages from Tunisia. Would anyone be kind enough to explain each spice. I can’t believe that Safran Tunisien is Saffron. I’m thinking it’s some sort of food coloring. I would appreciate your expertise. Please help. Thank you.

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