Apologies in Advance…

So readers, I know the pages of ES can sometimes contain an iota of whining and frustration. We are not professional chefs; avocados and pine nuts can only save so much (I kid, I kid). We of course have never made a claim that this would be a bitch-free blog.

But this time, if you read complaints from Gansie in the coming weeks about chicken pot pie, you only have yourself to blame!! If only one of you fools had switched allegiances and voted for lasagna, she wouldn’t be so stressed about cooking a dish for the first time on television! In front of a panel of judges! I am referring of course to the infamous Lasagna-Pot Pie election of 2008. The voting ended recently and chicken pot pie beat out lasagna by 1 vote, 40 to 39.

And while Gansie would have wowed the judges with her amazing eggplant/chickpea lasagna, it is going to take some real digging and testing to figure out how to make a crazy chicken pot pie. You know she won’t just cook a plain Jane version. And since we love reader participation in everything we do here, feel free to add some of your ideas for Gansie’s future chicken pot pie in the comment section.

While you all comment, I will be starting my op-research on her competitors. Those bastards fellow cooks must have some skeletons in their closets.

Photo: flickr user Travis S.

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  • BS September 3, 2008  

    I demand a recount! this is worse than bush v. gore.

  • Maidelitala September 3, 2008  

    Gansie dear, I beg of you, leave the fried eggs out of the pot pie recipe!

  • Maidelitala September 3, 2008  

    do you have to make the pie shell as well?

  • gansie September 3, 2008  

    egg is still a possibility. not sure about the shell.
    and if anyone has any super crazy amazing ideas, email them to me: gansie@endlesssimmer.com. dont want to help out my competitors…

  • BS September 3, 2008  

    wait…you’re cooking on tv as a PROFESSIONAL and you’re not sure if you have to make the shell:

  • MonkeyBoy September 3, 2008  

    BS, if you recount make sure you get all 7 of my votes. I’m not letting you cheat me out some good potpie!
    Gansie, if you want eggs how about something more quiche style, get some chicken sausage, mushrooms, etc. Might be tricky to both have the crust bake and the eggs set just right; extra points for difficulty from the Romanian judge.

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