Nobody Likes a Tie

Last week’s Eggs Benedict Who Cooked It Better appears destined to remain deadlocked, with Cheese ‘N Things’ Eggs Jamie and Dinner with Julie’s Crabcakes Benedict drawing 41 percent of the vote each. Because no one is happy with that result, we’re gonna go ahead and leave this poll open for another week, in the hopes of declaring a true winner. (That’s Cheese ‘N Things in the top left corner and Dinner with Julie next to it. For the full recipes, check out the original post.)

[poll id=”12″]

PS – Anyone make any eggs or other great creations for Mother’s Day? Do share. My mom thinks runny eggs are the nastiest thing in the world, so we went out for Iraqi instead.

eggs-jamie.JPG crabcakesbenedict.jpg
ham-eggs-benedict.jpg italian-eggs-benedict.jpg

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  • gansie May 13, 2008  

    Iraqi food….do tell!

  • BS May 15, 2008  

    Gans, the Iraqi place – La Kabbr – is really good. Not so exciting though, it’s basically just Middle Eastern with a new name – I had some great falafel and some of the best pita I’ve ever had. Also, a lentil soup that interestingly enough had some matzah ball-like chunks in it – not sure what the Iraqis call their pseudo-matzah balls.

  • dad gasnsie May 15, 2008  

    beautiful creations; bet tasted great too

  • Andy June 18, 2008  

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