Who Cooked It Better? Eggs Benedict

No One Puts Cupcakes in a Corner takes the cake in last week’s Who Cooked It Better, racking up 61 percent of the vote for her dark chocolate bacon cupcake.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to explore that ultimate brunch food, Eggs Benedict. Searching around the Interwebs for creative Eggs Benedict recipes was an appetite-whetting endeavor indeed, and I am just about ready to take a bath in egg yolk right now.

Of course, you can’t get too creative with the way you prepare this dish, as there are only so many ways to poach an egg, and hollandaise sauce is complex enough that it shouldn’t be trifled with. But here are four recipes that offer cool alternatives to the traditional Eggs Benedict. Yes, I know, getting creative makes it technically not Eggs Benedict, but these four recipes sound delicious, plus they are all friggin beautiful.

eggs-jamie.JPG crabcakesbenedict.jpg
ham-eggs-benedict.jpg italian-eggs-benedict.jpg

The recipe on the top left is from Jamie over at Cheese ‘N Things. Her “Eggs Jamie” has tastiness piled so high that hollandaise sauce seems unnecessary. The poached eggs are served on a bed of balsamic-upped arugula, which is mixed with crispy prosciutto and shavings of parmagiano reggiano, and the whole thing is topped with caramelized red onions. I love how instead of going for the money shot (runny yolk everywhere), she presents the egg just as it’s ready to burst. So much anticipation. Full recipe here.

The top right dish is from Julie of the Dinner with Julie blog, who, as you might gather, is chronicling a year in her kitchen. (Aside: Check out her bageleggs – how cool is that?) Julie’s Benedict uses a crabcake as a base instead of the muffin, and puts a cool spin on the hollandaise sauce with a lightened lemon-basil recipe. Complete recipe here.

The bottom-left Benedict is the traditionalist version, although it does make me think – I have never been served Eggs Benedict with a beautiful thick slice of Country Ham like Closet Cooking dishes up here. Usually you can barely taste the puny slice of Canadian bacon under the runny egg yolk and hollandaise, but this hunk of ham really completes the dish. Now this is one version that pays respect to the pig. Recipe here.

I stumbled upon this last photo over at Noshtalgia, who is noshtalgizing about “Italian Eggs Benedict” and points us to Lucahjin’s stream on flickr. Lucahjin put together this simple/genius creation – a poked poached egg swimming in a pool of tomato sauce and chickpeas. Brilliant!


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Photos: Cheese ‘N Things, Dinner with Julie, Closet Cooking, Flickr user Lucahjin.

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  • JoeHoya May 6, 2008  

    The make-or-break for me when it comes to Eggs Benedict is the English muffin. If it’s soft and soggy even before the yolk breaks, it just tears when you try to cut through it.

    Jamie’s recipe reminds me in some really good ways of Eggs Florentine (like Benedict, but swap the ham for spinach), and the fact that she keeps meat in the mix with the prosciutto definitely puts it over the top.

    Julie’s crabcake base is interesting. I’ve seen Eggs Chesapeake on a few local brunch menus (with lump crab meat replacing the Canadian bacon), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the crab take the place of the muffin.

  • El May 6, 2008  

    I worked at a restaurant once that served their EB with avocado, tomato, and fried onions. It was pretty darn tasty – and a great veggie option!

  • Mike May 6, 2008  

    Just a shout out for some DC eggs benedict — the best I’ve ever had (possibly anywhere) was at Colorado Kitchen. I haven’t been there in a while because it’s such a schlep, but I may have to make another brunch trip. The hollandaise alone is worth it…

  • Caroline May 6, 2008  

    That is so weird– I was just dreaming up a poached egg and arugula concoction that is almost exactly like Jamie’s except I was going to use bacon instead of the prosciutto, and I didn’t have the caramelized onions (which are a good idea).

  • andreea May 6, 2008  

    great to discover your blog. and thanks for adding me on foodbuzz 🙂
    i’ll be passing by often. love it.

  • bobbyc May 6, 2008  


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