Yes, I’m obsessed with the WaPo chats. Okay, so here is an a-mazing excerpt from Kim OD’s chat. Surely this reader is also a fan of ES! (Or just observing the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rat.)

Fairfax, Va.: Do you have any rat recipes?

Kim O’Donnel: I think this is a question better suited for the most intrepid eater on the planet, Mister Anthony Bourdain.


No Rat on the Menu!: Actually, the Chinese government passed a resolution or some such thing asking the people to respect and honor (or something like that) rats for the next year…..I don’t think that includes eating them!

washingtonpost.com: PETA to China: Respect Rats, Especially This Year ( AP)

Kim O’Donnel: Interesting. Thanks to Mister Rocs, my handy producer, for digging up this link.

Remember to cook up your favorite rodent and tell us all about it. Submissions due 03/04/08. Send to: contests@endlessssimmer.com

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