Hott Links: Eating and Cheating


Ryan Gosling melting fewer hearts, more Kraft Singles [Best Week Ever]

Ed. Note: Despite our appetite for celebrity chef controversies, we were avoiding giving Jessica Seinfeld any coverage on endless simmer, because, well, she’s not really a chef and she’s definitely not a celebrity. But this video finally pissed me off enough. A recap if you haven’t been following: Jerry Seinfeld’s irrelevant wife wrote a cutesy cookbook on how you can trick your kids into eating vegetables by doing things like sneaking spinach into brownies. Problem is, an author who isn’t married to a famous comedian already wrote a nearly-identical book, submitted it to the same publisher as Seinfeld, had it rejected, and then saw 15 of her recipes end up in Seinfeld’s book. Oops! So what’s Jerry’s move? He goes on Letterman and calls the original author a psycho. Classy. [Video link: Defamer]

Blah blah blah…new book about chefs…blah blah…Mr. Bourdain is nude with a beef bone and a cigarette…wha?!? [NY Sun, via Eater]

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4 thoughts on “Hott Links: Eating and Cheating

  1. I ran across “My Last Supper” in a bookstore up in Boston this weekend, and since then it has been EVERYWHERE. An article in Time Magazine, a mention on some show I was flipping past on the flight home – you name it. Meanwhile, “Deceptively Delicious” gets the Oprah treatment despite the whole probably-plagiarized thing.

    So what’s the take-away? If I ever aspire to be published, Bloomsbury and Collins are both at the top of my submission list, though Bloomsbury may be my top choice since I’m not married to a noted comedian.

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