Meryl Streep – Done With Fashion, On to Cooking

Editors Note: ES gives credit to Britannia for uncovering this bit of food inspired entertainment news. Here is his take on this upcoming book turned movie.

the julia meryl

That little blog that turned into a best selling book, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen is being worked into a movie, yes, you read that right. Variety is reporting that Meryl Streep will take on the role of Julia Child in the upcoming movie Julie & Julia, while Amy Adams will play the frustrated secretary, Julie.

I have to say, being English I don’t know much about this culinary queen, my knowledge of the older and wiser television chef’s leads me to Two Fat Ladies and Delia Smith. However, if Meryl Streep (re: gay icon) is involved then every gay on the other side of the pond soon will know the wonders of Ms. Child. Food and Meryl, what more could one want!

If this is as campy as I hope it will be, then pass me a bottle of gin and a movie ticket.
Thank you, thank you!

Do you think you could do it… 524 recipes in 365 days? I personally think she’s mad.

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  • BS November 2, 2007  

    I’ve already offered Marisa Tomei the role of Gansie in Endless Simmer: The Movie

  • 80 Proof November 2, 2007  

    I will be played by Topher Grace.

  • BS November 2, 2007  

    As the only hollywood star who could accurately portray my love for grilled cheese, obv. ryan gosling will be involved

  • gansie November 5, 2007  

    eff! i wanted to play myself. this could be my big movie star break!

  • BS November 5, 2007  

    ah – the fred thompson strategy…also, I was unaware meryl streep was a gay icon…please explain why

  • Britannia November 6, 2007  

    Ah, BS- You are forgiven. Meryl is a classic, beautiful and daring lady, she has an aura of nonchalance about her, she walks into a room and she owns it, as do most gays, or at least I know I do. We adore this, we admire this and most of all we want this (obvs, not in the case for me as I already have it). The Devil Wears Prada skyrocketed her to this status, not that she didn’t already have it.

    For instance, Gordon Ramsay was voted as a gay icon, one could question that, but we don’t, we just don’t, we just accept it and embrace it.

    Hope this helps, kisses!

  • BS November 6, 2007  

    fabulous explanation. thank you.

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  • andrea (future meryl) May 20, 2009  

    Either way who cares, she is beautiful, gay(lezbian) or not she is the greatest actress of all time.We are all people and we lie our lives.

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