We’re One!

Can you believe endless simmer has already been going strong for an entire month? A mere 30 days ago, we were just a bunch of losers who couldn’t stop eating, drinking and talking. Now, we’re still all of those things, but we have a blog.

Seriously, thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, and above all, sending this link to every person you have ever encountered. And now, because it’s never too early to look back – a few of our greatest hits from month one:

– We shared perhaps the first recipe ever to combine a fried egg, lettuce, and bulgur wheat in one dish.

– We gave you not one, not two, but three great ways to drown your summertime sorrows in a pool of margaritas.

– And we told you how to eat your way out of a hangover, because if you’re gonna be a drunk, you might as well be fat too.

– P.S. If you haven’t been scrolling the comments, you’ve missed some great bonus recipes from the likes of Melissa, MonkeyBoy and JoeHoya.

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