Hottest Media Types: I’d Like to Stuff That Pepper

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Just a reminder to keep on voting for our editor Gansie in the FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types Contest. Gansie has over 2,000 votes from real live humans, and the race for the coveted “non-bot” winner is shaping up to be a dead heat between Gans and Dana Priest.

Many of you have asked for our endorsements in the other categories. OK, none of you asked, but we’re sharing anyway. So after the jump, our fav hotties in the five other categories:

Hottest Male, On Air


Bill Press, Bill Press Show – Even though he totally nominated himself, Bill is the friendliest guy on TV. We also nominate him to be our grandfather.

Hottest Female, On Air


Ghida Fakhry, Al Jazeera – Endless Simmer is working to improve our relations with the Muslim world.

Hottest Male, Off Air


Chris Cillizza, – The fix is in on this one. You had us at “The unique dynamics of the primary electorate indicate a volatile contest in which voters ultimately vacilate towards the most electable candidate.”

Hottest Male – PR


Kevin Madden, Romney campaign – K-Madd sent the funniest press alerts ever when he was staffing on the hill. Watch out ladies – now that he’s working for the Mormon Moron, we hear he’s on the prowl for a fifth wife.

Hottest Female – PR


Pepper Pennington, Rep. Feeney – She’s the only one in the whole contest who is named after a food! We obv. have to go with this one.

Vote for all candidates here.

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  • JoeHoya July 30, 2007  

    Knowing Ms. Pennington personally, I feel kinda dirty just for reading this post title.

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