Rutabaga chopping block

What Do You Do with a Rutabaga? Eat it!

Rutabaga Beet Hash

So in my never-ending adventures with my CSA box, I come across some curious specimens. And by “curious” I mean “I’ve always been too lazy to buy and cook them before.” Case in point, rutabaga. I’ve always known rutabaga existed, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it or how to use it in a recipe. I hate wasting, though, so when a big ol’ rutabaga arrived in my CSA box the other week I knew I had to do something.

After some research, I figured I could use a rutabaga in the same way I could use a potato or turnip. It’s a root vegetable with a similar texture, so hey. I decided to make it into a hash with my CSA spinach and beets and top with runny eggs, because as I’ve been telling you guys time & time (& tiiiiiime) again, runny eggs make everything better. And guess what? I was right, it was great.

I know the name of this recipe might sound scary because it combines two stereotypically reviled childhood vegetables – rutabaga and beets, ahhh! – but I promise it’s super delicious.

Rutabaga & Beet Breakfast Hash

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Tissues, Tissues, Everywhere

DSC_0272 (500 x 332)

We’re on day 3 of not being able to fully breathe or smell in the gansie-80P household. Tissues crowd our trash cans, desks, nightstands and the front kangaroo pocket of my Johnson & Wales hoodie. It’s rough over here with two snotty, exhausted roommates. Two nights ago we ordered in Chinese (and I finally had the guts to ask for no baby corn in my noodle soup!) but tonight I felt well enough to cook. I know I missed out on the wonderful aromas of roasting squash, but the thick pureed soup felt good going down. And the heat – just for  a minute – cleared my nostrils.

OH to the joys of winter colds.

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