Fancy Caramel Toffee Shortbread Bars…OK, Fine – Homemade Twix

Let me start by saying, I’m a foodie. And as translated by some, I’ve been accused of being a food snob. My rebuttal is always, “We all have our snobbery.” If food is my worst snobbery I will take it with a glass of wine in one hand a Twinkie in the other.

So how the hell does snobbery play into this post? I’ll tell you. I made this last weekend and called them Caramel & Toffee Shortbread Bars. I was quickly corrected by a room full of 5-16 year olds and adults that these were nothing more than a homemade Twix copycat. And they also accused me of putting a “snobby” foodie title on a simple dessert.

Luckily, it doesn’t pain me to say — they are right. I’m for sure going to be calling these homemade Twix bars going forward —such an easier sell.

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