Name That Taco Topping


The veggie gf and I got a little crazy with our tacos recently, finishing them off with an unsuspecting ingredient — the glistening yellow-y stuff on top that kinda looks like cheese.

Who knows what the secret topping is? Your guesses in the comments please. (Don’t guess cheese, fools.)

Your Cutest Eater in the World


From 200 entries to 20 finalists to two super-finalists to one Cutest Eater in the World.

With a staggering 5,372 final-round votes, Nathan is your winner. Passions started to overflow near the end of the contest, with some of our commenters a little skeptical of the soaring vote count, but our expert poll monitors have taken a look at the data and found no evidence of improprieties.

Congrats, Nathan! And thanks everyone for playing.

It’s a Baby-Off!

With a staggering 2,146 votes cast in the first round of our cutest eater contest, it’s finally time to find out which eater is the cutest of them all. Two of our tots were head and shoulders above their messy, cake-stained competition, with Nathan and Victoria each logging 500+ votes. So, it’s time for a baby-off, with bonus pictures of each of our final-finalists.


nathan nathan2 nathan3


victoria 159a 179a

Voting is open until Friday, March 19th — you can vote once per day.

Update: Your cutest eater in the world is…

Endless Contests: Keep the Donut Ideas Coming!


WOW!  You wouldn’t believe some of the ideas that have come in as part of our Dunkin’ Donuts contest.  There was the one with the guy who put the thing and…

Who am I kidding?  I haven’t seen any of the submissions.  I wrote this about a week ago. I’m in Italy right now.

I do know that you are some creative SOBs, though, so I can only imagine the mind-bending versions of the ubiquitous breakfast item that you guys are sending along.  If you haven’t already entered, send your mad-scientist donuts — remember…no holds barred — to, or write them right in the comments of the original donut contest post.

(Photo: jordanpattern)

The Cutest Eaters in the World

Who is the cutest eater of them all? Turns out (not so surprisingly) everyone thinks their own kid is. We asked you to send in photos of your young ones eating, cooking, and playing with their food, and you respond by the boatload, with more than 200 entries. Our esteemed panel of judges has narrowed it down to our 30 favorite eaters, and now it’s your turn to vote for the cutest. Check out all the photos then vote at the bottom of the post.

There has got to be a way to get in here. Zoe What cake? I haven’t seen any cake. Skylar
6336_1166109001029_1477023432_30433143_3641984_n cake
Didn’t expect that flavor profile! Peyton C. Mind if I lick my fingers? Elyse
apple DSC01381
The cheezburglar. Azura Good to the last drop. Cayden
0106001821 baby16
You can pry my carrot from my tiny, sticky hands.
Victory! Baby one, cake zero. Adelyn
100_8118 Christmas 09 new years 283
Picture perfect. Kenzie Pasta is meant for slurping. Peyton P.
camera october 2009 290 DSCN0130
This does not look like what I ordered! Victoria There’s a hand in my chocolate! Sadie
036b image001
Yes, I plan on eating all of these. Anton
Two-for-one cute eaters. Gracie and Oliver
orange baby dog and baby
Baking is a piece of cake. Noah What? Do I have something on my face? Olivia
Noah choco
Picture time? I gotta lick this bowl! Madeline/Caroline
Two chefs are better than one. Theo and Ida
DSC_0041 IMG_2772
Who needs cake when you’ve got squash? Kynan Hmm….needs a little more sugar. Josie
eli IMG_3340
Yeah, I know I eat cute. Jaden Pasta + Sauce + Kid. Never Gets Old. Christian
jaden 094
I am the iron mini-chef! Drake
What happened? Brittany
chef DSCF1069 (2)
Sweets are for babies. Nicholas Patriotism is delicious. Piper
nicholaswithlemon bomb-pop
Eat. Study. Sleep. Dorian Hey, I’m not done yet! Nathan
dorian DSC00627
Have you seen my dough? Makena Jean Star of Top Chef, Season 32. Stanton
baking103 stanton cooking 2

Polls are open until Friday, March 12. Oh, and this is an American Idol style “final” — since there are so many cuties, we’ll do a run-off with the two or three cutest eaters who get the most votes. You can vote once per day — cast your ballot after the jump!

Update: Cutest Eater Run-Off

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Last Chance for Eating Babies!


Babies who are eating, that is. Not people eating babies. Or people-eating babies. Now that’s scary.

Pick out your kid’s cutest eating/drinking/cooking shot and send it to Entries are due by this Sunday, February 28.

The winner will receive a copy of Cook’s Country Best Lost Suppers and we’ll induct the cutest eater into the Endless Eater Hall of Fame.

Update: Vote for the Cutest Eater in the World

(Photo: Reini68)

Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

bacon donut

dad gansie is not buying this crazy avocado story:

Come on SS. Are you pulling our legs?? Yea, some Rock hard ones have lasted for a few weeks, never 6-7. Try the kale cover again. Maybe you’ll be a new famous inventor.

Guess that one is still a mystery.

Alex takes an early lead in the craziest donut contest:

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