Slow Cookers Gone Wild! Top 10 Super Bowl Slow Cooker Dishes

The Super Bowl is almost upon us. People will gather around TVs, big and small, to complete the holiday feasting in one last hurrah. Snacks will be enjoyed on the couch while watching commercials and loyal fans will get up for refills when the game comes back for a few quick minutes before more commercials.

But I digress. What really matters during this year’s superbowl is the food. Of course, there are wings, chips, dips, and other salty snacks. But what else can we add to the spread this year? How about some chili to go on the hot dogs? Or pulled pork? Maybe some hearty soup. Get out your slow cooker and impress your guests with something more than 3D Doritos (don’t pretend that you don’t remember). Enough of the jibber jabber—here are ten ways to use that slow cooker to its full potential!

10. Mini Chicken Sausage Pineapple Appetizers


Regular cocktail weenies are for…well…weenies. While in the midst of winter, something a bit tropical may turn your mood around. If it were me, I would sandwhich a weenie between two pineapples. Or weenie, pineapple, weenie? I guess it depends on which way you swing? Weenie or chicken sausage – I think both would work.

RECIPE: Misty Yoon

9. 21st Amendment Brew Free! Chili


My friend got me an awesome encyclopedia of craft beer recipes. Chili is great and beer is great. Soo…why not combine great beer and chili? 21st Amendment brings us a delicious twist on chili in John Holl’s The American Craft Beer Cookbook.

Recipe:  John Holl

8. Coke Ribs


Ribs do not have to be laborious day-long projects of putting them in foil after lathering them in bbq sauce several times, then moving them from the oven to the grill. You get the point. You can take that approach, OR you can through them into a slow cooker with a sauce made with cola. They’ll fall apart, while giving you a unique sweetness unlike your standard bbq sauce.

Recipe: Cardamom Addict

7. S’mores Dip


Unfortunately, too often I find that my sweet tooth is not satisfied at a Super Bowl party. Well, now you can put the slow cooker to good use for us healthy folk that enjoy chocolate…and anything else with sugar in it.

Recipe: Little Indiana

6. Cheese Fondue


My family had an actual fondue pot growing up. Fondue nights were a lot of fun and very tasty. However, a small fondue pot may not work for an entire party. The slow cooker offers you a medium of delivering the creamy, cheesey goodness to all. Bonus of having fondue at something like a Super Bowl party: it is different, and you can dip nearly anything in it (yes, I did challenge you).

Recipe: One Fabulous Mama

5. Hot Wings

BBQ chicken wings 022b

Hot wings are good. But the fast food chains suck at making them and the good places typically cost an arm and a leg. I want to try this tactic of cooking hot wings this year.

Recipe: Deep South Dish

4. White Pizza Dip


CHEESE. Just take in the photo and imagine dipping your finger chip/bread/anything in this and savoring the savory. Words cannot explain…

Recipe: How Sweet Eats

3. Beer Brats


This is another one that I think just makes a lengthy meal easier. I would sear the brats first, THEN throw them in the beer-blessed slow cooker. Who expects to have brats at a Super Bowl party? Well…now I do.

Recipe: Blessed With Grace

2. Beer Cheese (and Brats) Soup

Crock-Pot-Cheese-Beer-Bratwurst-Soup-With-Title (1)

Brats in beer and cheese melted in…these are a few of my favorite things.

Recipe: Crock Pot Ladies

1. Spiced Pear Bread Pudding


I mentioned that sweets are necessary at any party, right?

Recipe: Snappy Gourmet

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