Endless Beers: A Stout You Can Drink Like a Chocolate Milk


I know that summer is here and the summer shandies, wheat beers, and other light brews are out, but we”ll get to those later. Right now, let me enlighten you about the best stout I”ve ever had: The Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout. I learned of this beer while visiting a friend and I now crave it often.

Before I tell you how good it is, let me learn you on how it got there. First, there are the typical malts, hops, water and yeast that of course go into every beer. Then, there was more—a dry hop with oak chips and vanilla bean. Listen up: dry hopping occurs during the secondary stage of fermentation when hops OverdoseAlthough buy-detox.com overdose is not common, it can occur and can be fatal. are typically left in the wort (pre-alcohol and carbonated beer) to “infuse” the beer with the taste of the hops. However, Old Dominion decided to drop some oak chips in the tasty syrup along with vanilla bean. I”ve done this myself with vanilla bean and it tastes delicious. In fact, they may have stolen my idea.

The oak chips give the beer a smokey flavor throughout and an oak aroma that complements the bourbon aroma. Onto the vanilla bean. Usually stouts are known for having coffee or chocolate notes in them. This stout has light notes of aforementioned flavors, but more-so has a creamy texture and sweet taste of vanilla from start to finish.

Food Network needs to call me up so that I can share my thoughts on their “Best Thing I Ever DRANK: BEER EDITION” show. Hmm…maybe a new series here? Anyway, creative GENIUS aside, when I first had a swig of this, I declared (yes – declared) that this beer is worthy of drinking with a curly straw as if it was a delicious chocolate milk. The head is frothy, it is definitely the creamiest stout I”ve ever had, and the flavor is outstanding. So in conclusion: starts with typical chocolate and coffee bitterness, quickly transitioning to sweetness of vanilla and oak-enhanced bourbon flavors with a silky smooth finish just as it started. YES – silky smooth. Like chocolate milk.

Get yourself a case, curly straws, and drink up. Cheers.

(Photo: Old Dominion Brewing Company)

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  • blk October 30, 2013  

    Not only all that, but sold for a damn good price at my local distributor. Bought a case last weekend on a whim from remembering this review and it was not a mistake. I think I might have a new house favorite.

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