Attack of the Meme: Oxford Comma

Sorry, Vampire Weekend, but food bloggers everywhere are standing up for the Kayne West of punctuation:

1. Commas Save Meals

(Pic: Shortee)

2. Commas Save Snacks

(Photo: Brad Michelson)

3. Commas Save Lives

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6 thoughts on “Attack of the Meme: Oxford Comma

  1. The JFK and Stalin strippers is my favorite serial comma infographic

  2. i’m just going to call it now: “I think you mean Frankenstein’s *monster*” is going to be the new Oxford Comma.

  3. Come now, wouldn’t you have to write:

    “I had eggs and, toast and juice.”

    placing a comma before the concluding conjunction in a series if an integral element of the series requires a conjunction?

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