8 Recipes Inspired By Halloween Candy

Halloween is always fun, but eventually you reach an age when candy alone just isn’t exciting enough anymore. And that’s when you start getting creative.

1. Milky Way Brownies

What’s better than a candy bar? A candy bar inside a chocolate brownie.

Recipe: Recipe Girl

2. Snickers Cupcakes

The caramel, peanut-y goodness of America’s favorite candy bar, re-imagined as a cupcake.

Recipe: Annie’s Eats

3. Butterfinger Cheesecake

Our own Bakers Royale dreamed up this pretzel-butterfinger-chocolate concoction.

Recipe: Bakers Royale

4. Rolo Brownie Bites

Just like a pack of Rolos, you’ll eat the whole batch significantly faster than planned.

Recipe: Bakers Royale

5. M&M “Bacon and Eggs”

Pretzel sticks, white chocolate and yellow M&Ms stand in for our two favorite foods.

Recipe: Lick the Bowl Good

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake

No, that’s not a cupcake. It’s a legit cake, with whole Reese’s cups in the middle.

Recipe: The Hungry Housewife

 7. Candy Corn Vodka Tonic

In case you’ve ever wondered — yes, vodka can be infused with candy corns.

Recipe: Miss Make

8. Three Musketeers Pop-Tail

Finally, our own Kahlua-infused, Three Musketeers-inspired alcoholic popsicle.

Recipe: Endless Simmer

Find more Halloween recipes in Endless Halloween.

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