Friday Fuck Up: Savory Yogurt Dinner

I often make my fiance buy a large tub of Greek yogurt when he makes his weekly milk and cereal run to the grocery store. I know not what I will do with said yogurt, but I know I will put the thick substance to use, be it mixed with fruit for lunch or turned into a sauce over a grain and vegetable salad.

But I’ve never thought about substituting chunks of eggplant, cucumbers and oven-dried tomatoes instead of peaches, blackberries and blueberries. And I should have stuck with that.

Instead, I shredded cucumbers into the yogurt, tossed in diced eggplant and roughly chopped oven-dried tomatoes. I sprinkled in salt and pepper and lemon thyme. During this incorporating period, I thought I was genius.

Then I took a few bites. It wasn’t terrible to start, but it just didn’t work. Especially the tomatoes. The tang of tomatoes and the extra oil that still clung to them made for a uncomplimentary creamy versus acid nightmare.

Both the Indians (raita) and Greeks (tzatziki) somehow make yogurt work at dinner, but this part German girl just couldn’t swing it. Any ideas how to turn yogurt savory?


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  • rachel September 9, 2011  

    Would be mentionned Turkish “cac?k” too, as far as I know its the original version of tsatsiki .

  • erica September 9, 2011  

    this soup is pretty decent, and makes use of the cucumbers:
    actually, that wasn’t the recipe i used, mine had lemon juice in it, but i’ve no idea where i found it, this was the first google result 🙂

    also, you can use yogurt in an indian curry sauce, which is yummy.

    lastly, you can put yogurt in a cheesecloth-lined sieve, or hang it from a cupboard knob, and it will lose more of it’s water and become a thick spread.

  • erica September 9, 2011  

    omg.. i’ll bet cooked eggplant blended up with yogurt instead of tahini would make a great baba ganouj!

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