There Better Be Room In Your Easter Basket

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. –Charles M. Schultz

Dear Vosges,

You have really captured my heart this time. You made my Valentine’s Day special with your kumamoto oyster truffle and Sweet Coquette Truffle Collection. But this April, I have really fallen in love.

Starting with the dense, and I mean dense, toffee bunny: those ears are just asking to be bitten off. This is not one of those weak, hollow, fake chocolate bunnies that cause disappointment on children’s faces at the first empty bite. This is a grownup bunny for grownup chocolate freaks. Full of delicious, 43% deep milk chocolate, the tiniest of butter toffee specks and finished with pink Himalayan salt. Sometimes, it’s good to be a grownup.

If the chocolate bunny weren’t enough to satisfy my inner drive to consume as much chocolate as possible, Vosges had to hit me with one of my favorite combinations: chocolate and peanut butter. Suffice it to say that these are peanut butter eggs on steroids. Move over other famous chocolate peanut butter egg maker, you have some tough competition.

Each egg has an impressive weight when you hold it in your hand; you just know they are filled with good things. Plus, they are absolutely gorgeous. How could anyone in their right mind resist the tantalizing combination of organic peanut butter, 50% deep milk chocolate, pink Himalayan salt and Maldon sea salt? These eggs are the perfect balance between sweet, savory and salty. They will make you forget where you hid the Easter eggs. So, do it right this Easter. It’s time to grow up and get yourself some real chocolate.


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