The Dice is Dead

Fresh, diced tomato on a crusty, olive-oil-brushed toasted bread tastes great. Add in some basil, onion and garlic and we enjoy a classic appetizer: tomato bruschetta.

But don’t lie. The tomatoes fall off with every crunchy bite. This becomes messy. And wholly unenjoyable.

Enter the slice. Imagine instead of chunks, there are slices. It’s easier to eat. The bite more complete.

And forget the tomato. Cork, a neighborhood wine bar in DC, realized the slice could work with an avocado. Actually, it doesn’t just work, it kicks ass.

I was introduced to this simple and pleasantly pleasing appetizer at a recent press event. Thin avocado slices, topped with ground pistachio, toasted pistachio oil, and French sea salt combine for a rich, salty and satisfying prelude. Could it be more simple? More delicious? Could this make a more perfect union?

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4 thoughts on “The Dice is Dead

  1. I’m ripening some Avs as we blog
    Looks sounds tasty treat

    Great union plug for SOU ADDRESS

  2. I was there recently and had the avocado, love that more than the service- so, now I need never go back as I make it myself at home. Win win.

    I throw in some wasabi peas with the pistachios, gives it a nice little kick. I call it Britannia’s Magic Dust.

  3. @Brit – love the idea of wasabi peas. although are you sure they don’t take away from the beauty of the avocado?

  4. Not at all, its just a dusting. I threw the pistachios and wasabi peas (2-1 ratio) into a mini food processor to create a chunky powdered dust. Sprinkle a little over the top.

    I had some friends over who tried it and they couldn’t get enough.

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