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smoked meat montreal

– Everyone has their own addition to America’s best new sandwichesMike:

All these look great, but nothing beats the Steak Poutine Pita from U-Need-A-Pita in St. Catharines ON. Steak, Cheese, Fries, and Gravy all in one pita.


If you’re ever in Orlando, FL you’ve gotta check out Pom Pom’s teahouse and sandwicheria. The Mama Ling Ling’s thanksgiving dinner sandwich is absolutely phenomenal

What’s yours? Keep the great sandwich list going, and we may have to publish a sequel post. On another note, TimD stands up for the meat-or-die crowd:

I disapprove of this list. There’s a Brussels sprout sandwich on it. Your sammich list has lost all credibility with me.

– In more pro-veggie news, Brittania takes Cork’s avocado bruschetta to even higher heights:

I was there recently and had the avocado, love that more than the service- so, now I need never go back as I make it myself at home. Win win. I throw in some wasabi peas with the pistachios, gives it a nice little kick. I call it Britannia’s Magic Dust.

– And Joe Hoya is not afraid to say that Montreal smoked meat is not worth the hype:

I can appreciate poutine, but I draw the line at “smoked meat.” The name is totally misleading! Smoked meat is similar to pastrami or corned beef, but it’s stored in a steam tray and was served dripping wet both times I tried it. Needless to say, this resulted in soggy, limp sandwiches that compared very poorly to classic New York deli fare.

Them’s fighting words if I’ve ever heard some! Thanks for all the feeding us back, ESers. Until next week!

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