New Year’s Food Resolutions for the Beginner and the Brave


Once the holiday season is over and we’ve finished indulging in turkey, ham and stacks of gifts, there are slightly less exciting things to look forward to: resolutions. We are all forced to make them, and of course we’ll eventually break them before January is out. But in the spirit of all things new again, here are some New Year’s resolutions for both the beginner and brave food lovers.

Tell us how you will resolve to make 2011 a better food year.

New Year’s Food Resolutions: The Beginner

By Brit

Try Something New
Skip the #34 Kung Pao Chicken and choose something new, something that scares you, something that’s blue.

Meatless Monday
It’s no secret that we’re a fan of Sid Lerner, the pioneer of Meatless Monday. For one day a week you can avoid meat and eat a little healthier, save a little cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

Cook More
I love eating out as much as the next person, but there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking and enjoying your own meal. 

Dinner with Family and Friends
Dine with family and friends and in the process, take the time to sit and enjoy your food, not mindlessly gorge while watching How I Met Your Mother. Grabbing a friend and shutting off the television is a way to truly find meaning in a meal.

New Year’s Food Resolutions: The Brave

By Gansie

Obey Your Server
Every time you go out to eat ask your server what their favorite item on the menus is, and then order it.

Release Time Constraints
Lasagna for breakfast. Pancakes for dinner. Don’t let time of day dictate what you eat.

Surprise Menu
Stop that online menu stalking! Keep the surprise alive by not checking out restaurant menus ahead of time.

Animals Included
It’s no longer enough to avoid pesticides and preservatives in your own food, you should start cooking your dog’s or cat’s food too.

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  • erica January 3, 2011  

    i am trying to learn to eat at the table once again. ps – i made cat food yesterday, no cooking involved. happy new year 😛

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