How To: Becoming an Alcoholic in Myrtle Beach


I know it isn’t as exciting as India or Japan, but if you want to take up casual alcoholism in the United States, move south. To celebrate summer’s start, here are my best recommendations for getting drunk in public without breaking the bank. Gone are the days of $10 martinis and handcrafted cocktails. This is Myrtle Beach —  If the drinks are more than $6, you’re probably paying too much.

Liberty Tap Room
7651 North Kings Hwy
Thoughts: Eat here and stay for trivia at 8pm on Thursdays. Appetizer, dinner, all-night-drinks for four — $105. Even better? We came in 2nd in trivia and had $25 taken off our bill as a prize. The bar is off the parking lot of the local Food Lion, so you can play with the carts when you leave. Trust me, it’s better than an amusement park.

The Streets
Anywhere and everywhere
Thoughts: Although I witnessed two men being arrested for public drunkenness, there are no apparent open container laws being enforced. Everyone walked around with beers and sometimes vodka in plastic cups.

River City Cafe
208 73rd Avenue North
Thoughts: Burgers, wings, beer and complimentary peanuts on every table. The only beer on tap is Natty Light (win), and is one of the most expensive at $4 for a huge glass. Free souvenir cups with purchase of soft drinks, but your server will be easily convinced to give them to you for your beers. These came in handy for street drinking (see above).

Oceanview Cafe
Inside the Long Bay Resort
Thoughts: Above average cheese fries are perfect for happy hour. Well drinks — the amazing price of $3.35 from 5pm-7pm. They will also sell you beers to take to the pool, beach, your room, or….anywhere. Win.

5201 North Kings Highway
Thoughts: A *very* local bar. Live music.  Beers are $2.50 and come in plastic cups. If you’re female, you’ll be the only out-of-towners and men might pay for your drinks and your taxi without trying to go home with you. Talk about Southern hospitality!

Fat Tuesday’s
1318 Celebrity Circle
Thoughts: Yes, this is a chain. This place was crawling with tourists AND locals, so it was the best of both worlds. Oh, and they make daquiris with grain alcohol. A medium is $5.75, add an extra shot for $1. If you’re anything like me, you’ll only need one for the entire night. If you have two, you won’t remember any of your night.

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