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– Reading about World Cup food is clearly a better way to waste your work day then trying to make ESPN’s shitty live feed function. Regarding our list, FrenchTwistDC makes a fair enough point:

England should NEVER come as number one on any ranking that involves food ;-)

Further antagonizing the Brit contingent, Ben dares to go there:

So as a Yank, I had to figure out what the heck went on top of Chip Butty…turns out its either ketchup or brown sauce.
It’s super uncouth, but, liking neither of those toppings, a super American variation might be to add Cheese Whiz to it…cheese friends on bread…yum

Our Britannia calls it sacrilege but as a fellow Yank I say, why not? Philly Butty, anyone?

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  • Pam @ Cookware guide June 13, 2010  

    Although British food tend to be bit borish. I like fish and chip. Most famous cuisine there when I went there was Indian meals at these North Indian Punjabi food. It was out of this world!

    And I love tea and those little cucumber sandwiches.

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