Ultimate Summertime Cole Slaw

Ultimate Summertime Cole Slaw

Let’s talk summer cookouts, specifically COLE SLAW. I love cole slaw in the summer. Like, looooove. I could eat a whole head of cabbage to myself if I put my mind/stomach to it. Maybe this is thanks to my Austrian/Hungarian heritage.

Or maybe it’s just because I make one of the best cole slaws ever. I want to be modest but oh well, the secret’s out, my cole slaw is the bomb! I get requests for this slaw all summer long. Make it for your friends and you will, too.

My cole slaw is so much better than anything you’d buy at a grocery store. It’s not creamy or heavy. It’s light and bright with a bit of an Asian flair. It’s healthy, it’s inexpensive (important when you’re making slaw for like 40 drunk & hungry people), and it comes together in seriously five minutes. And it’s full of avocado. That’s the real game changer right there.

Ultimate Summertime Cole Slaw

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Endless Peeps: Peeps Popcorn

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Yes, MORE Peeps! Really…there is no thing as too much Peeps. The opportunities are endless! So this time, I took a different route—a sweet and salty route: POPCORN. Popcorn is great. But let’s be honest, unless it’s drowning in greasy fake movie theater butter, it just isn’t that good. UNLESS you drown it in something sweet. This brings us to…Peeps Popcorn.

Yes, it’s sweet…and it’s also easy. So easy, a kid could do it (as long as they don’t touch the stove or burn the sugar, or touch the hot melted Peeps). I do have to tell you though; you have to be okay with killing innocent marshmallow bunnies and chicks. Their suffering was worth it (as it typically is) and ends in a tasty treat that is not loaded with calories and carbs.

I used the chocolate mousse Peeps and the raspberry Peeps, and did two separate batches. The nice thing about this is that it takes one package or less of the Peeps, and some fresh-popped popcorn. Other than some butter in the pan, there are no other ingredients. The chocolate mousse popcorn came out a little crispier than the raspberry. Must be something in their blood…

The chocolate flavor stands out on the popcorn, so I added some sea salt and it was tasty. The sweetness of the raspberry reminded me of cotton candy for some reason—no salt needed. Since Peeps offers so many different flavors now, I would definitely pick two flavors and make two different batches. This way, you can compare and contrast. Now consider this…what if you mixed two flavors? Hmmm…

Here’s the “recipe” (pay attention – it’s complicated)

Peeps Popcorn

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Endless Ice Cream: Avocado

I know, I know, another green ice cream. While the asparagus ice cream may not be up your alley, I think this one will be a little more palatable, even to you less adventurous types. Avocados are already creamy and full of fat—truly the perfect ice cream fodder. This is by far the creamiest, richest ice cream I have ever tasted.

Avocado Ice Cream

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A Finger-Lickin’ Read

Some people love cooking, and some people love reading romance novels. Some people love both, and boy, they are in luck today, because I’ve found a genre of  literature I never realized existed: the culinary romance!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I received a copy of Scrumptious, by Amanda Usen, and I was like “Hmmm… alright.” Romance novels are not my thing. They always remind me of the guidance counselor from 10 Things I Hate About You.  Nevertheless, I plowed through. Upon devouring this book, I decided, okay, romance novels are still not really for me, but I can’t say I wasn’t entertained. Here’s a small selection of my favorite passages:

The white beans in his saute pan were thick and gloppy. He checked the flame under the pan. Not hot enough. The opposite of the problem he was having with Marlene.

Man’s best friend is a dog, but woman’s best friend is a vibrator.

“Not in my eggs. Otherwise, all set.”

There really is something for everyone in the food world. I prefer Anthony Bourdain’s memoirs, but if you are in the mood to read 314 pages of foodie puns, romance scenes and happy endings, make a date with Scrumptious.

(Image: Sourcebooks)

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ES Haiku

standing in the yard
small hands hold giant slices
juice drips in the grass

I came across this cute little haiku the other day on Garden Path. It was a brief, nostalgic take on the ultimate summer fruit: watermelon. This led to a search of haiku meme and a few minutes looking at various haiku attempts by people all over the web. Most of the haikus I came across were simple and sweet, though I  came across some snarky ones on Twitter called #twaiku. One of my favorite examples was by Twitter User MJ:

Black socks being shown/at the 4 seasons cafe/pure class man. Pure class.

These cheeky twaikus were more my style and so I decided to try a few of my own that were a little more appropriate for ES:


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