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– Another straw-lover comes out of the closet every day. Steezy:

I am a straw-aholic. I want a straw with everything – water, milk, soda, tea, etc. I fully support your straw love. I also always drink through the stirrer. If they don’t want me to drink through it they shouldn’t have made it hollow.


– ES commenters will make sure you never eat nasty coleslaw again — PlethoraOfPinatas offers up a slew of Silver Diner alternatives for all you NoVa eaters. Seems like we’ve hit a nerve here, eh? Know other great places to escape the chains in Va? Holla back.

– And 2009’s Eater of the Year contest is shaping up to be a nail-biter, with This is Why You’re Fat leading Michelle Obama by just a few votes (first time that has ever been written?), but all contenders are still very much in the game. Although JoeHoya has some harsh words for the currently last-place nominee:

Sorry, “Flexitarians.” You’re still just eaters in my book. Choosing what you eat and when you eat it (regardless of the reasons why) doesn’t make you special – it just makes you picky.

And Laura Senkevitch sides with TIWYF:

I really want to give it to Michelle, but Rueben balls (above) won me over.

Agree? Disagree? Cast your vote!

(Photo: This is why you’re fat)

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