Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Spike’s an Author?!?


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– Learn how to cook like former Top Chef-er Spike Mendelsohn.  Whether or not you wear a jaunty hat while in the kitchen is completely up to you.

Padma Lakshmi is not just awkward in prime time — she’s awkward in late night, too!

After the jump…a food fight, the fishermen’s plight and my new channel don’t look right.

Alan Richman and Tony Bourdain are in a good, old fashioned media feud!  Whose side are you on?

John Besh and Paula Deen partnered on a benefit for Louisiana shrimpers impacted by the oil spill.  No truth to the rumor that Paula has designs to turn the Gulf into the world’s biggest deep fryer.

– HD Fail:  Good news?  I get the Cooking Channel.  Bad news?  Standard definition.  So much for good food porn.

(Photo: aliciagriffin)

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  • gansie June 4, 2010  

    i watched 4 minutes of the cooking channel. didnt keep me interested. they just kept saying these buzz words that were supposed to make them sound cool, but sounded forced instead.

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