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Summer (among others) checked in with a miso recipe:

Hooray for miso! One of the easiest possible recipes is miso salmon: just slather salmon filets with miso paste and either broil them or cook them on the stovetop in a non-stick pan.

Other ideas? Keep ’em coming.

– Ya’ll have been quiet so far as to whether you’re up for eating fish bones, but over at Good Bite, SoDlish chimes in:

The small bones are better (crunchier). The small fins are nice fried too. Like a big potato crisp! And in Asian stores you may see tins of fried dace in black beans and oil. This is the whole fish, bones and all. The bones are slightly crunchy – no, not so much crunchy, it’s more that they have ‘bite’. It’s worth a try, I reckon 🙂

– And gansie is not impressed so far with the new Cooking Channel:

I watched 4 minutes of the cooking channel. didn’t keep me interested. they just kept saying these buzz words that were supposed to make them sound cool, but sounded forced instead.

What do you think? Can Cooking Channel succeed in making food TV hip? Do we need food TV to be hip?

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