Patrons Shouldn’t Have This Much Power

server bell

Tiring of kimchi, the fiery fermented cabbage side dish that is served at every single meal in Korea, we decided to try another cuisine on one of our last nights in Seoul.  We thought Thai would be a good choice: how does one Asian country create another Asian country’s food?

Dilemma ensued. When trying something familiar in a new setting, does one (a) choose something they’ve never had before, something one cannot get in her country of dwelling or (b) choose a favorite dish to see how it differs? I choose (a) and 80 choose (b).

At Pattaya I didn’t love my super spicy (did they sneak kimchi in there!) vegetable-packed noodle dish (the fettuccine looking noodles were flavorless, which is an uncommon occurrence compared to the rest of my meals in Japan and Korea), but 80’s red curry was creamy with an appropriate amount of heat. I should have went with my fav, Pad See Ew!

Because we took such a long time deciding, the waitress dropped off our drinks (Soju!) and then never came back for the rest of the order. It was late and all of the other tables had eaten, which we found to be the case most nights. We didn’t find a place for dinner until after 8:30 or later and I think every night we were the last to order. Guess they haven’t been to Barcelona.

Anyway, we were waiting and waiting and then I see this granite looking block on our table. It’s not a salt shaker. It has Korean writing on it and then says the word “Mic” over a button.

Are we mic-ed? Can they hear our conversation about the slow service? Should we push the button?

We push it and the server hops right on over.

Wow. Um. Is this okay? This could get out of control FAST. This sounds like it belongs on the 100 Things Restaurant Patrons Should Never Do list.

Do we only use it for the first order? What about a refill? More beer? A second bottle of soju?

We were too scared to try it again, for fear of being labeled a problem table and soliciting “Oh those Americans…” sentiments. But it was kinda cool. Maybe too much power. Probably something Americans couldn’t handle.

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  • Nee Nee June 2, 2010  

    Oh god. I get power hungry just thinking about a bell for service. I bet Mr. Nee Nee would love to have his beers refilled on command. Ha!

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