…as a skunk

I’ve learned this recently. It’s terribly hrd living in the years of “late twentys.” I think a lot of things can happen in this tim period. A lot of new things. And a lot of things that I hope will love on. So I dont hope you mind, my dear, dear reader, that I’m going to indulge in my non-responsibility life, celebrating yesterday’s holiday, as well as celebrating what’s real. I’d like to commend the blogger Macheemo for not only fgiuring out a path toward homemade peanut butter, but also organizing what might be the coolest wedding of the decade.

80p note: I think the gist of this drunk Gansie post is congratulations to Machee”s”mo for his spectacular looking wedding. Thanks for sharing that with the blogosphere. Good morning ES readers, and feel free to use ALL CAPS in the comment section this morning, as Gansie is sure to be hungover.

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7 thoughts on “…as a skunk

  1. This is awesome. Hey, speaking of alot happening in the late twenties, google Saturn Return. I’m a bit sad that the link to the coolest wedding of the decade won’t take me anywhere, though. Happy Belated 420! Looks like there was much celebration & little spell-checking going on. :-)

  2. This might be the most incoherent post, ever.

    Holler at the fabulous Macheesmo wedding!


  4. Thanks for the shoutout! But wait… do both of those links just link to this same post? Because that’s awesome.

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