From the School of George Costanza

What would happen if we didn’t live by certain social norms?

Would we keep the napkin on the table instead of the lap?
Would we tip a dollar on a dollar beer?
Would we drink everything out of a straw?

I don’t know. Well, except for the last question. And that is an enthusiastic yes.

But I am pretty sure that if George Costanza didn’t stigmatize the double dip I think we would all be happily consuming twice as much dip than chip. Of course the garlicky hummus is more delicious than that celery stick. But we cannot indulge in our love of sour cream and onion. We must only dip once.

Except for Jack. Jack is almost 17 months (I think I got that weird months thing right) and while he can walk, color and bang spoons on a table, he has not picked up on the no double dip rule. I watched in fascination as he triumphantly dipped his tortilla chip into a bowl of creamy spinach dip, over and over and over. He never took a bite of the chip. It was awesome.

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4 thoughts on “From the School of George Costanza

  1. My husband, who is far older than 17 months, recently had jaw surgery and isn’t allowed to chew for several weeks. I felt a little bit guilty that I brought tortilla chips for my son and me to eat on a recent beach picnic, when all my husband could eat was the rice and beans I’d made… or so I thought. I walked away from our picnic blanket to check on our son, who was playing with some other kids, and when I returned, I found my husband gleefully double-/triple-/quadruple-dipping, sucking guacamole off a tortilla chip until it was soggy enough for him to swallow. You can do this when you are sharing a bowl of dip with someone with whom you also share a bed.

  2. Jack is adorable in all his cute ways… we really love him as our own
    summer like your story too
    that’s why if I remmber I put a spoon in for multi dipping

  3. My nephew does this with hummus, except instead of chips, he uses his tiny little fingers.

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