The Reverse Exorcism of Sandra Lee

photo-15I felt slimy. Sneaky. Tricky. Wrong. Very Wrong.

And then freed. I found freedom. Sandra Lee led me to the land of jarred dips and a delicious brunch dish.

Don’t judge.

It was 11:30 and I just woke up. Perfect timing, actually, because my friend Vi’s brunch party started at 11:30.

I called Vi and she was still in bed too. Relief. But I still had to figure out what to bring.

I knew her and BS built this layered french toasty dish with potato bread, bananas, blueberry, eggs, Jiffy batter, and I forget what else, to sit overnight before being baked before the party. I slathered it with syrup and pretended it was dessert.

But that didn’t help me.

It was now 11:45. I had brushed my teeth but that was it. No clue what to make. Because of the insane snow storm I was only going to use what was already in my kitchen. Not that it’s unusual for me to cook that way.

Anyway, the search is on. I see an almost full jar of Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dish. And that was my answer. It was like a reverse exorcism as I let Sandra Lee into my body and maneuver around my kitchen to create something for Vi’s party.

Spinach Dip and Black Bean Egg Bake

Just like Sandy, I doctored up the store-bought creamy spinach dip with cayenne, cumin, garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. I then cracked 2 eggs into the dip, whipped that around, and did that 2 more times equaling 6 eggs total. Then I stirred in half a can of black beans.

Ugh. So my oven. I can’t tell you how long to cook this thing for or what temperature to set your oven. My oven must leak heat. Anyway, I’d try 375 for 30-45 minutes. But for me I jacked my oven up to 425 and cooked it for about an hour. Whatever.

I also wanted to bake it half way through so it was semi-solid on the top so I could create a top layer of cheddar cheese. It didn’t really work so I the cheese just fell through. Which was fine too.

And of course I was almost 2 hours late to the party. I blame Sandra Lee.

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  • erica December 23, 2009  

    i wouldn’t want sandra lee in my body… that sounds awfully gross & wrong.

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