Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Everybody Loves Sam


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– Sorry, ladies (and gents of that persuasion)!  Looks like Chef Talbot is off the market.

– Sweet God in heaven, why would you put Paula Deen on American Idol?  It’s like two crappy tastes that taste crappy together.

After the jump…an updated Delicious Dish, alternative medicine and the culinary world collide and one of The New York Times’ recent cutbacks must have been in their linguistics department.

Bourdain and The Ripper are hosting a radio talk show!  I can’t wait for Eric to share his family recipe for Schweddy Balls.

– Funny, I usually just slather myself with stinky cheese for shits and giggles.  Who knew it may have mysterious healing properties?

– ZOMG!!!  El Bulli is closing for good.  Oh, wait, no it isn’t.  This ends today’s episode of  “Lost in Translation.”

(Photo: satanoid)

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  • BS February 18, 2010  

    I like the Serious Eats Comment on El Bulli — “The Spanish Brett Favre.”

  • Britannia February 18, 2010  

    Whoa, easy there… Paula Deen and I have a thing, she doesn’t know it yet but she will.

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