Burns My Bacon: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

I was a very plain and picky eater growing up. I ate two kinds of bagels: plain and cinnamon raisin. Back then, I didn’t even use cream cheese, just butter.

Eventually I branched out, jumping right into everything bagels with cream cheese, (extra cream cheese). When the whole grain wave hit I made the move toward multi-grain and whole wheat bagels, but I desperately missed the adorning seeds.

While visiting BS in Brooklyn he showed off a neighborhood bagelry, Bagel World, that sold whole grain seeded bagels. I was pumped, hoping that the trend – like all trends – would travel outward from New York.

And why the hell not. Whole wheat is not a flavor, it’s a base. Put some fucking seeds on it.

But then I saw something even better: Seeds inside the dough!

I can’t say I love the new coffee shop, Tynan, just a block away from my apartment, but I was impressed with their bagel provider. Upon slicing in half an everything bagel I saw poppy seeds IN the bagel, not just on the outside.

And why the hell not. Seeds notoriously fall off when slicing and toasting and schmearing. Could you imagine glorious interior bites of coarse salt, sesame seeds and poppy seeds?

So until I find a pumpernickel bagel (my current grain of choice) with exterior and interior seeds, all other bagels will burn my bacon.

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  • BS February 15, 2010  

    I have never even heard about this before, and I consider myself a person who knows a lot about bagels. This is amazing. Now they just need to start seeding the cream cheese, too.

  • Jon February 15, 2010  

    Share your love of pumpernickel but FYI — not a “grain” but a style of really dark rye. Sorry to nitpick… but pumpernickel isn’t well understood. Maybe ES should go in-depth on this fabulous edible for the benefit of us all?

  • 80 Proof February 15, 2010  

    Not really related, but sort of. This is why I have always been a proponent of salting my ketchup instead of my fries. Unless the fries are just out of the oil and still a little moist, salt barely sticks. Not a problem when you salt the ketchup!

    Yet I have been ridiculed for this multiple times!

  • BS February 15, 2010  

    @80 – Ridiculed? That is some smart shit! I don’t even eat ketchup and I am impressed.

  • dad gansie February 15, 2010  

    First 80 p ketchup doesn’t have enough salt In it???
    BS. Well not seeds yet but scallion , jelpeno, and lox pieces are
    are nice In cc. Hell, toast some sessame seeds and mix in the cc
    our local cherry hill nj fresh hot bagels are really good. As gansie , ask her for one she’s bring home some
    should of seen her play nurse to mom gansie’s broken hip from effin freaking sledding mishap

  • Nee Nee February 15, 2010  

    I almost jumped over the counter and kissed the guy who dumped the fallen-off goods from my everything bagel onto the CC before he wrapped it up in the paper.

  • Kenneth Moore February 16, 2010  

    …why not just make your own?

    Modify Macheesmo’s recipe to whatever you want–maybe just amend the regular flour with some rye (maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the mixture?) to make the pumpernickel bagels with WHATEVER you want inside–you could even make several varieties in one batch, like I did (although I didn’t put anything inside except for cinnamon in the cinnamon bagels).

  • erica February 16, 2010  

    pumpernickle is the best. then sourdough. but… i thought you were going to say there was bacon in the bagel. no??

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