• Tracy January 19, 2010  

    lemon curd surrounded by white chocolate with raspberry swirls.

  • Diana January 19, 2010  

    A half a canned yellow peach in yogurt?

  • Ashley January 19, 2010  

    Could it be flan?!

  • Liza January 19, 2010  

    Butternut squash soup?? (credit goes to matt)

  • dad gansie January 19, 2010  

    diana i like your guess if it was from gansie it would have to be some over grown egg

  • Rubygirl January 20, 2010  

    Name that food looks like” Peach Melba” to me

  • Britannia January 20, 2010  

    Yellow: Velveeta Cheese molded into a dome.
    White: White Been Hummus.
    Red: Hot Sauce for decoration.

    I’m partially serious with those…

  • Nick January 21, 2010  

    Cream sauce with raspberry swirls topped with the largest Werther’s Original Candy ever made.

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