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Well we had a lot of good guesses for our most recent Name That Food contest. I especially liked Britannia‘s guess of velveeta cheeese, white bean hummus and hot sauce. As expected, no one knew exactly what this one was — I’d have to say Tracy‘s guess of lemon curd surrounded by white chocolate with raspberry swirls was probably the closest.

So what is this monstrosity? Full explanation after the jump…

egg 2

Aha! It was the mango pudding dessert from Buddha Bodai, New York’s best (only?) Kosher Chinese vegetarian restaurant, composed from mango, soy cream and agar. Wow, the description sounds a lot grosser than it looks, huh? It was actually delicious, and thankfully, upon seeing our gawking/confused faces, the waiter offered to slice it up and serve it to us on individual plates.

egg 3

Speaking of Chinatown, check out the list of my favorite dirt cheap/delicious Chinatown restaurants over at Oyster Locals — and of course feel free to feed us back and add your own faves.

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  • dad gansie January 23, 2010  

    Wow. Who knew. Guess no one

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