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– Everyone loves bacon (duh). But maybe a little too much. FS:

ok i thought you were joking bs, but i really tried to hump my phone when i saw this post. why would you make me suffer knowing that these things are out there and the chances of me eating them are slim?


I have this post link as my Gchat status, a friend writes me asking: “if i click on your status message, is it going to be work friendly?”

Who knew bacon would have NSFW connotations to it.

– In other ambiguously dirty food news, Summer stands up for chicken boob jobs:

I’m not particularly distressed by this. Essentially, the chicken processors are replicating the effects of brining the chicken, which is an ancient and honorable technique.

Would I rather pay less for the chicken, take it home and brine it myself? Yes, certainly. But I don’t think it’s gross, and I think that figure of 700% is deliberately misleading. That just means that the meat has 7 times more salt than an unseasoned, unprocessed piece of chicken. How much saltier is a potato chip than a raw potato? I bet it’s more than 700%.

I’m not being an apologist for the chicken-industrial complex; they do perpetrate a lot of horror and nastiness. I’m standing up for salt. Salt is not the enemy. Salt is what makes good things delicious.

I applaud you just for working in the phrase “chicken industrial complex.” But Maids disagrees:

if the chickens are injected with the water and salt before they kick the bucket, the company can sell the chickens as weighty birds without having to divulge they’ve plumped the chickens with salt, water, and other unnecessary additives. After all the plumping I understand the chickens can only slither along on their bellies. Cruelty toward animals we consume seems to have become a specialty. I’m disgusted by this.

-Finally, Maggie has a grilled cheese proposal that I’m just not sure about:

Instead of buttering the bread, I use a thin layer of mayonnaise. It’s easier to spread, and I can use much less, and it comes out perfectly even and browned every time. Try it, I dare you.

Mayo? Really? Thoughts?

(Photo/More mayo news: Best Week Ever)

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  • Stephen Hait August 21, 2009  

    The mayo on grilled cheese thing is totally on the level. It’s the only way I make these any more. Recommended!

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