• Amelia of Gradually Greener June 11, 2009  

    Basil does wonderfully here – it loves the heat. But eventually all basil will bolt (i.e. start making flowers, causing the leaves to turn bitter). So you should think about sowing new basil seeds maybe every month or so. That way you also don’t have to feel bad for using lots of basil at a time! And if that means you accidentally end up with too much, just make a bunch of pesto to freeze.

    Hmm, this reminds me, I should go plant a second planting of basil.

  • ML June 12, 2009  

    We have a plethora of basil (and mint) here in Philly due to my dad’s obsessive gardening practices. It just doesn’t stop growing. Mojitos and pasta anyone?

  • Maids June 12, 2009  

    pathetic 80… my basil plant is definitely bigger than yours B-)

  • erica June 12, 2009  

    my basil is doing craptastically. basil and broccoli i just don’t seem to be able to grow.

  • dad gansie June 15, 2009  

    neat pic 80 glad they finally came up good luck simmering with them

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