What’s Your Last Supper?


I know some of you are revved up about The Next Food Network Star, while others are excited for this week’s premier of Top Chef Masters, but personally, I’m just waiting for Padma to come back already!

When it comes to cooking reality shows, you just can’t beat the real deal. But fortunately for addicts like me, TC is now available on DVD. You can pre-order the season five DVD right now. It includes extended interviews and never-before-seen stew room footage, which we assumes means a whole lot of drunk chef-testants. So A&E Home Entertainment, who are releasing the DVD, asked us if we would be so kind as to promote the release while giving ES-ers a chance to win Top Chef: The Cookbook, Top Chef The Computer Game (!), and Top Chef: The Cutlery Set. Wowzers! That’s a lotta Top Chef paraphernalia.

So here’s the deal: Remember the season five episode when chef-testants had to cook famous chefs’ last supper requests? We’re asking you: What would your last supper be? Tell us, in 100 words or less, what you would eat if it was the absolute last thing you could ever put in your mouth. We’ll hook the funniest entrant up with some sweet Top Chef prizes. Email your answers to contests@endlesssimmer.com

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  • JoeHoya June 8, 2009  

    Merchandising! Where da real money from da movie is made!

    I’m holding out for Top Chef: The Flamethrower (the kids love this one!)

  • Britannia June 8, 2009  

    TC cutlery set, I’m confused. Is this like a kids set, instead of an aeroplane spoon its shaped like Padma’s svelte body, or perhaps more rounded like Tom’s shiny head??

  • we are never full June 8, 2009  

    did you just ask what is the last thing i’d put in my mouth as my last supper? daring…

    this is tough. but it definitely would involve pig and pig parts. guanciale? chorizo? bacon? deep fried pork chops? oh but that beautiful duck – foie gras? seared duck breast w/ crispy skin? shit – what about the almighty cow? steak tartare? peter luger’s porterhouse – rare?

    that question is too tough to answer. it would all depend on the day i’m having the last meal. if it was today i’d say, i’d say anything fried and NOT vegetarian.

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  • Mrs. L June 11, 2009  

    My last meal? My first thought was to mention some fancy dishes along with a rare cab to drink with it. But honestly? Bacon. A whole pound. Maybe some mashed potatoes with a whole stick of butter and lots of fattening cheese on top (wouldn’t hurt to throw in some bacon). French Fries. Mac and Cheese (with bacon of course). Potato chips. And a large bowl of kosher salt with no one to tell me to stop using so dang much of it. Some deep fried Twinkies for desert and a coke (made with sugar) to wash everything down. Just being real…..

  • Elyssa June 12, 2009  

    I’ve thought long and hard about this over the years and I think my answer comes down to a trio of one food: the potato! I would want perfectly cooked gnocchi w/ pesto, perfectly fried french fries (preferably fried in duck fat!), and garlic mashed potatoes. But since I would need some meat in there I would also have duck confit. A glass of champagne to wash it all down sounds like heaven to me!

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