The Last Word on the Last Supper


Thanks to everyone who entered The Endless Simmer/Top Chef Last Supper contest. I’m sure you’ve all been tossing and turning at night waiting for the results, and that time has finally come. Drum roll, please…

Our third place winner will soon be getting his quickfire and elimination challenge dishes judged by Pamda and Tom avatars, because he’s the proud owner of Top Chef the Video Game. Congrats to Peter Justason. Here’s his last supper lineup:

Start with a classic cocktail – Manhattan with Crown Royal Rye, sweet Vermouth and a maraschino cherry. For the appetizer course – a Seafood Combo -Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon and Bacon-wrapped Scallops paired with chilled Sauvignon Blanc. For the salad, the classic Caesar paired with a buttery Chardonnay. The main course has to be a Peter Lugar Porterhouse with Twice-Baked Potato and Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce paired with cool Cabernet Sauvignon. For the cheese course I would go with an aged Stilton Cheese with grapes, almonds and crackers paired with an aged Port. To finish, a light Lemon soufflé & Brut Champaign.

You had me at Manhattan.


In second place, and winner of Top Chef the Cookbook, is Justin:

I’m from Maine, so the meal is obvious, but delicious. Steamers with melted butter on the side to start.  Twin steamed lobsters as the main course – keep it simple, none of that stuffing junk that dumbs it down by removing too much meat and replacing it with filler. No having the meat removed either, doing it yourself is an essential part of the experience.  Two side dishes to round it out – corn on the cob and my mother’s homemade potato salad. To drink, a summer ale and a glass of French chardonnay. Why choose at your last meal?


But the winner, and recipient of an awesome Top Chef knife set that I’m actually quite jealous of, is Steve CTMQ:

Short but sweet:

I don’t need 100 words: Padma tartare.

Someone clearly knew who was judging this thing. Nice job, Steve. Winners, be sure to send us your mailing addresses, and thanks to all for sharing. If you need to brush up on your Top Chef IQ for our next contest, don’t forget Season Five is now available on DVD.

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