Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Everyone loves “nuts.” EricW wants to make sure you all caught this follow-up. Not to be missed.

– In our first food blog feud, 48 percent of you say Scanwhich should stop whining. Britannia: Maybe “Scanwich” can take the left half of the sandwich and “Scanwiches” can take the right half. Problem solved.

– Keep those March Madness food analogies coming. JoeHoya:  Dick Vitale = Bacos. He’s loud. He’s assertive. There’s something distinctly unnatural about him. He’s been around forever, and dammit, he’s EVERYWHERE. But he’s not for everyone – either you love him, in which case you think he makes every game-watching opportunity better, or you hate him, and his mere presence ruins the experience completely.

– Finally, wow am I glad I swallowed my pride and asked for your bad-egg-detecting techniques. ESers really came through on this one:

Ramblingirl: I was always taught that if you put an egg in a pot of water and it floats, that means it’s bad. So far, this method of weeding out the rotten eggs in an old pack has never steered me wrong.

Danny: I’ve heard that when the eggshell becomes smooth they are bad… you notice how those pictured have little bumps, when those go away thrown them away.

Diana: I’ve read that if you coat your eggs with a thin sheen of butter or lard (I suppose crisco would work too), it extends their useful life by keeping bacteria from entering through the porous shell. I haven’t tried this though…

But BS’s Mom takes the cake with her patented back-to-the-farm method: I can tell from experience when an egg is bad but this only applies to totally organic ones (as we had growing up on a farm but of course we didn’t t know the word “organic” then): if you crack it and a chicken is inside then it’s past its expiration date. Not a pretty sight.

(Photo: BPheonix)

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