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– Our Food Network rant appears to have hit a nerve. Eick: I totally agree there are no good shows on Food Network right now. I watched The Next Iron Chef a while back, and that was aight. The first season of Next Food Network star was decent, but not good enough to make me watch the next season. Other than Throwdown and the occasional episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, there’s almost nothing worth watching there these days.

Very Very Good Girl : I do like Throw Down & Grill it with Bobby Flay, but can’t watch it weekly. Has anyone watched Jamie at Home? Maybe it’s the oddly tiny kitchen, ridiculous garden or rigging old tools into a spit, but I really enjoy that show.

– Meanwhile, Elizabeth @ Capital Spice (Mrs. JoeHoya!) excellently sums up that other train wreck of a food TV show:  Ugh. I finally watched the episode of On the Road Again we’ve had on DVR forever. It’s a fun concept (if not ill-timed) but man Gwynnie bugs.

Random other guy: Tell me about your cooking.

GP: It brings me so much joy.

Me: Gagging.

Why is the woman who shoved macrobiotic diets down our throats 4 years ago allowed to be on a culinary travel show?

– Finally,  Yvo is down with the fresh tofu, if it’s fancy enough:

We ALL want it to be mozzarella…fresh tofu is a thing of wonder. I’m not that interested in tofu in general (though that’s sort of changing) but fresh tofu? dude. I had dinner prepared by Morimoto himself (back in the lusher days of my wallet) and he made tofu tableside. who knew a thing could even exist??? it was soft, and almost sweet (without sugar) and just… decadent. supposedly it’s super easy to make, but I’m just not inclined. http://feistyfoodie.blogspot.com/2006/03/morimoto-nyc-special-omakase-bar.html
Yarrr… block of fresh mozz are more up my alley ;)

Photo: Mom the Barbarian

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  • Maidelitala January 9, 2009  

    weird… that pic doesn’t look at all like tofu to me. The other picture you had of fresh tofu made sense to me, but this one looks more like a pancake covered in batter… I guess it bears some resemblance to bean curd paste.

  • gansie January 9, 2009  

    to me it looks like a hard boiled egg w/ the yolk removed

  • earlgreyrooibos January 9, 2009  

    I thought it was a fried egg covered with tahini.

  • BS January 9, 2009  

    fair enough guess earlgrey–you know this blog well

  • gansie January 9, 2009  

    omg! best guess ever!

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